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The Untold Secrets of Detox Diets

Today, American is an instant gratification society; one that never wants to wait more than a few days for results. It is this mentality that heavily contributes to the growing popularity of detox diets. The simple fact is: detox diets are appealing methods of weight loss because they produce seemingly fantastic results in only a matter of days. These benefits include a healthier looking appearance, increased stamina, and quick weight loss. However, despite the positive aspects that surround detox diets, there are hidden effects that could devastate your body.

The main purpose of detox diets is to take all toxins out of the human body. But it is not this benefit that drives people to use this method of weight loss. No, the main attraction that makes detox diets one of the most popular diets in the nation is because of its quick, easy, and simplistic nature. Depending on how dedicated the person taking the diet is, the average detox diet lasts anywhere from three to twenty-one days. In addition to the relatively short time span of the diet, to successfully complete the diet, you do not need to make that many significant changes to your eating patterns. The main component is to lower or eliminate the amount of toxins, whether artificial or natural, from entering your body; basically, eating organic food. Granted, after reading this detox diets seem like a simplistic way to become healthier; and with American quickly become the most obese nation in the world, weight loss is a key goal for many United States residents. But, what many people do not realize is that taking on a detox diet can negatively impact you health as a whole.

One of the biggest misconceptions about detox diets is that they can be taken on in a moment’s notice with no planning or preparation beforehand. This misconception, which is believe by many, simply adds to the easiness of the detox diet. However, in order to effective grasp how a detox diet actually works, it is important to consider the following information.

Think about some of the daily foods and beverages you consume every day. Often times, staples such as coffee, sugar, and alcoholic beverages become part of our daily routines; something we cannot go a day without. In the case of coffee, many of us cannot start our day without a cup or two (or three or four). We rely on coffee to wake us up when we want to crawl back into bed and we count of it to give up that boost of energy and motivation to start our day. Unfortunately for many, items such as coffee must be taken out of your diet at least 7 days in advance of the start of your detox diet. On the surface, this does not seem like such a big problem. However if you have been consistently consuming a certain food or beverage, let’s say a glass of wine every night, for an extended period of time, our body develops a dependence on that food or beverage. By taking part in a detox diet, you are depriving your body of the food or beverage that it craves, which forces your body into withdraws that can have untold effects on your body.

But probably the most harmful impact of detox diets is the stripping of vital toxins to the body. Remember that detox diets require the elimination of ALL toxins from the body.  This includes either natural toxins from food you eat or even toxins that the body creates as part of its daily functions. Therefore, partaking in detox diets could severely weaken your body’s defenses, which leaves you more susceptible to catching viruses or other diseases which, depending on the severity of the sickness you contract, could cause even more damage to your body. Consider the fact that not all toxins are bad. Much like not all bacteria is harmful when in fact, many are used to create foods we all know and love such as cheese and yogurt. In actuality, many toxins help poison and kill diseases of infections that happen to slip into your body, thus making at least some of the toxins in our body necessary in order to stay health and detox diets could most definitely take away these disease-fighting toxins which makes the body less likely to function properly.

So instead of risking further damaging your health with uncertain diets such as detox diets, try good ol’ fashion calorie monitoring and exercise. Although it may take more time, the results are the same and the risks are significantly lower.