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How to Speed Up Metabolism: Minimal Adjustments with Major Results

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In today’s modern society, your appearance seems to be what matters most to those around you. With all of the billboards and magazine ads depicting young and healthy individuals, the pressure is really on to be skinny and in shape. Fortunately for some, their naturally speed metabolism burns calories at a rapid pace, allowing them to seemingly be able to eat whatever they desire without gaining an ounce. For many others however, our metabolism rates are not quick enough for us to simply consume and lose calories without any additional work. Luckily, there are quick and easy ways to speed up metabolism which will get you to lose weight just in time for your wedding, swimsuit season, or any number of other important occasions. The simplicity of the ways to speed up metabolism may surprise you, however, upon further investigation it is easy to comprehend how, and why, it is so easy to speed up metabolism.

While most of the secrets on how to speed up metabolism deal with the intake of certain foods, there are other ways that, while they do require more work on your part, produce the same, if not greater, results. Physical exercise is an excellent way to speed up metabolism because it increases the pace at which the muscles in your body move. Now, while this is a more strenuous way to speed up metabolism, there is a greater guarantee that you will produce results. The fact is, while eating certain foods generally helps speed up metabolism, there is not as great of an assurance that you will speed up metabolism.

But for those of you who want to take the “risk” to speed up metabolism by eating certain kinds of food, there are many options for you.

The first way to speed up metabolism is to add a variety of herbs and spices to your meals each day (if your taste buds can handle it). While most spices are good sources of minerals and substances that naturally speed up metabolism, the spices of the hotter variety speed up metabolism at an even faster rate. Spices that are, well, spicier, such as curry, chili powder, and Cajun are excellent ways to speed up metabolism because they increase your heart rate. The heat causes a natural reaction in your mouth and stomach that increases the rate at which you breathe. This forces a rise in oxygen intake that makes your heart beat faster to circulate the new air throughout your body. Afterwards, the body muscles begin to move and operate at a faster level because they have more oxygen to work with and the increase in speed your muscle movement creates the burning of calories, thus speeding up metabolism.

Another excellent way to speed up metabolism is when you sit down to have a drink, try to have some form of herbal tea or other organic beverages. These types of drinks contain natural chemical and other nutrients such as fiber that helps speed up the digestive process. This is beneficial since it moves whatever food you have consumed through the body before your body systems can absorb the fats and calories thus maintaining a healthy weight, or in some cases, provoking weight loss.

Despite all of the tips on how to speed up metabolism listed above, probably the best way to speed up metabolism is to not consume too much food at a certain time. It is best to have smaller doses of food continuously throughout the day rather than to consume large quantities of food at only a few given times in a day. However, in order to avoid malnutrition, eat regularly. This allows whatever calories you consume to be burned off in between meals by doing fairly regular activities since the calorie intake from your last snack or meal is so low. In comparison, in you intake hundreds of calories at breakfast, there certainly will not be enough time to burn those calories before consuming several hundred more at lunch.

Thus, in a society where appearance and image are everything, it is easy to speed up metabolism and lose weight by only making a few minor adjustments to your everyday life. Yet despite the seemingly insignificant nature of these changes, the can produce major results.