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So, What ARE the Best Antioxidants?

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To be brutally honest, the United States is quickly become the most unhealthy nation of the face of the Earth; and with eating habits that are typical amongst many Americans, it is no wonder why. Fortunately for many residents of the U.S. eating, in a few rare cases, is the method to help make your body healthier. Consuming food or beverages in the most effective way to absorb substances that help combat potentially dangerous agents from your body; or more commonly known as antioxidants. So, what are the best antioxidants? Well, unsurprisingly enough, the best antioxidants are all of the foods that we should be eating; we just don’t.

To start off with the good news; some of the best antioxidants contains something sweet. Semi-sweet and dark chocolate contain a fair amount of antioxidant components. This can be proven simply by the taste. When compared to milk chocolate and white chocolate, semi-sweet and dark chocolate tastes bitter when actually it is just lacking the massive amounts of sugar contained in other sweets. This is so because sugar is left out of the production and manufacturing processes of semi-sweet and dark chocolate, making them much for healthy for you. So luckily for all the ladies (and some men) out there, chocolate indeed falls on the list of the best antioxidants.

Most people are reluctant to eat beans because of the myth that they produce gas. While this may be true for some, because of the healthy nutrients they contain, it is well worth the risk. Essentially all beans can be considered some of the best antioxidants and nuts also qualify as some of the best antioxidants.

While parents may just say it to make their kids eat their fruits, an apple a day really can keep the doctor away. Apples are amongst the best antioxidants in relation to fruit due to their organic chemicals and natural nutrients. In addition, almost any berry you can think of contains high levels of vitamin E or vitamin D, making them also among the best antioxidants.

Furthermore, even if the apple joke above did not convince you to start eating healthier, here’s another ironic food joke: artichoke hearts have actually been proven to lower ones risk of heart disease. As it stands, artichokes have been proven to be the best antioxidant for vegetables. This is due mostly to the fact the artichokes contain special vitamins that help your heart function, allowing it to pump blood at a much more efficient rate without having to work any harder than normal. And, but of course, all of the green vegetables that we all resented as kids contain disease fighting bacteria which also makes them some of the best antioxidants.

But when it comes to cooking, there are several ways to increase your use of some of the best antioxidants available, which can do nothing but help make you healthier. When cooking something in a pot or pan, instead of cooking it in melted butter or some other fatty substance, a wiser and healthier decision would be to use extra-virgin olive oil since it contains natural minerals that are extremely beneficial to improving the health of your skin and hair. Countless spices and herbs that many of us use in everyday cooking are also among the best antioxidants. Essentially, if a spice of herb sounds healthy it is; with a few exceptions. Most of the green and spicy herbs are filled with beneficial vitamins that provide countless services to you and your body. But in addition to the obvious herbs, sweeter varieties such as mint and peppermint also fall onto the list of the best antioxidants.

In regards to beverages, basically if the drink is made from a fruit or vegetable, it is most likely one of the best antioxidants in the beverage category. However, some alcoholic beverages also contain antioxidants. Wines, beers, and hard liquor made with wheat or fruit can contain antioxidants as well.

So although for a majority of cases, eating only leads to negative health issues, if you consume some of the foods or beverages listed above, America’s favorite past time (eating, not baseball) can benefit you and the health of your body.